1995 | Japan

Genre: Crime/Drama Director: Oliver Schmitz Starring: Thomas Mogotlane, Peter SePuma, Dolly Rathebe, Marcel van Heerden Panic is a low-rent hustler that works in the crime-ridden streets of Johannesburg. He only cares about his own needs until his world takes a shift with Anti-Apartheid attempts as people rise up against the South African system. Panic must decide whether he wants to fight with his community against rasisism or survive on his own.

A Silent Voice
2016 | Japan

Genre: Comedy Regisseur: Manie van Rensburg Rolverdeling: Elize Cawood, Marius Weyers, Sello Maake KaNcube Synopsis: ‘n Afrikaanse vrou se kar breuk en sy word geforseer om ‘n taxi te neem. Misverstande en kulturele verwarring lei haar na Soweto waar sy meer oor haarself leer.

Date and Time: 6 Jul, 14:00

Venue: Equitas 

Price: Free

Cat Soup
2001 | Japan

Genre: Romantic drama Director: Jack Lewis, John Greyson Starring: Rouxnet Brown, Neil Sandilands. Shaun Smyth, Grant Swanby Synopsis: “n Dutch sailor and a former servant are prisoners at the prison on Robben island. They take part in a love affair in the 18th century that might cost them their lives.