Audio Universe: Touring the Solar System 

Experience the Solar System like never before – by travelling on a spacecraft that can turn the objects in space into sound! The audience of this stunning 35-minute show is transported inside a special spacecraft that takes them to the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) to view the stars in the night sky before lifting them off into space to visit the Earth, Moon, Sun and all the planets of the Solar System. Unlike traditional planetarium shows, the soundtrack takes the lead role. Each object in space is represented by sound and presented with incredible 4K resolution visuals; the audience listens to the stars appear and hears the planets orbiting around their heads. This show is an immersive experience that can be enjoyed irrespective of the level of vision. 

Genre: Full-dome film 
Language: English  
Age suitability: All ages 
Running time at full length: 30 min 
Ticket price: R40 
Dates and times: 4-5 Jul 15:30 

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