Coloured: How Classification Became Culture 

Coloured as an ethnicity and racial demographic is intertwined in creating the South Africa we have today. Yet, coloured communities are often disdained as people with no clear heritage or culture — “not being black enough or white enough”. Coloured challenges this notion and presents a different angle to that narrative. It delves into the history of coloured people as descendants of indigenous Africans and a people whose identity was shaped by colonisation, slavery, and the racial political hierarchy it created. Although rooted in a difficult history, this book is also about the culture that coloured communities have created through food, music, and shared lived experiences in communities such as Eldorado Park, Eersterus, and Wentworth. Coloured culture is an act of defiance and resilience. Coloured is a reflection on and celebration of coloured identities as lived experiences. It is a call to coloured communities to reclaim their identity and an invitation to understand the history and place of coloured people in the making of South Africa’s future. 

With: Tessa Dooms, Lynsey Ebony Chutel, Ruda Landman (Discussion Leader) 
Language: English  
Duration: 60 min 
Price: R40 
Venue: ATKV-Boeke-oase (Hoofsaal) 
Time: 4 Jul 12:00 


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