Destination Baroque: A Backward Journey with Organ and Piano

Experience Destination Baroque, a journey backward through time. Isabelle van Rensburg and Carin van Graan bring popular compositions to life with the unique combination of organ and piano. From What a Wonderful World to The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, come and witness artistry bridging centuries. An unforgettable experience awaits! 

Genre: Klavier – Klassiek | Piano – Classical

Orrelis | Organist: Isabelle van Rensburg

Klavier | PianistCarin van Graan

Regie en tegniese ondersteuning: Johan Deysel

Taal | Language: Afrikaans, English

Aanbevole ouderdom | Age suitabilityAll ages

Tydsduur | Running time at full length: 75 min

Kaartjieprys | Ticket priceR120 early bird, R140 at the door

Datums en Tye | Dates and Times: 3 Jul 20:00, 4 Jul 10:00

Lokaal | Venue: Odeion


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