Mom, Dad. I’m Gay.

This unique book is a fresh revision and translation of Dr Brand Doubell’s previous publication, Pa, Ma. Ek is gay. Mom, Dad. I’m Gay. serves as a helpful guide to parents and family members of queer children. With a background in theology and being a queer himself, Dr Brand Doubell wrote this book to assist parents in understanding and accepting their child’s queer identity. The book poses various answers to questions like “Is my child gay?”, “What does it mean to be gay?” and “What if my spouse and I can’t accept it?” Mom, Dad. I’m Gay. further guides parents in understanding the struggles of being queer and dealing with their own emotions in accepting their child’s identity. Although it is not a primary goal, this book further looks at queerness from a Biblical perspective. The publication received much praise from psychologists, queer activists, and theologians. 

Met: Brand Doubell, Madeleen Steenkamp (gespreksleier) 
Taal: Afrikaans | English  
Tydsduur: 60 min 
Prys: R40 
Plek: Simonsvlei tent 
Tyd: 2 Jul 13:00 

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